Building your web site.

My name is Robert and I am the Webmaster to CFTINET
If you have or have had any questions about how to build or upload your site you probably have e-mailed me.
I have decided to answer many of the questions all at once now.

there are 2 things you will need.
A FTP (File transfer protocol) program
I recommend this one (FREE)

You will need your web pages.
First page must be index.html

Use windows notepad to create pages.
Web page basics

A must for your page...

<br> &lt;html&gt;<br> &lt;head&gt;<br> &lt;title&gt; (title of page) &lt;/title&gt;<br> &lt;/head&gt;<br> &lt;body&gt;<br> Your text for the site.<br> &lt;/body&gt;<br> &lt;/html&gt;<br>

That will give you a web page . now to link to another site you need this.

&lt;a HREF=""&gt; CFTINET &lt;/a&gt; This will show up as CFTINET
and to show a picture is &lt;img SRC="/~yourname/dog.jpg"&gt;
This would load a picture named dog.jpg if you had one.
After you get it all built save it as (page name).html
Now use the FTP program.
First you need this info.
Profile Name: CFTINET
Host Name/Address:
Host Type: Automatic detect
Used ID: your login name
Password: your login password

click the Save Pwd box
Click Apply button
now click OK
you will then be logged in
you should see a slit screen, on the left is you computer directory.
On the Right the server directory.
You need to click the folder icon called WWW in the server directory.
This is the folder where the web pages need to be.
Now just use the left screen to find your pages you saved.
click on the web page and use the arrow in the center of program to move a copy to the Server.
That's it now the page is uploaded.

For more help click the link to HTML basics

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